Idea of Open Source Day

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Idea of Open Source Day

Open Source is the biggest and most important movement in IT sector nowadays – you either go with the flow or get drowned trying to go against it …

The Open Source Day Conference was established as a response to our client's request. The brand created by us has turned into the biggest open source event in Poland. This is only one of many indicators of a very dynamic increase of interest in Open Source systems in Poland.

Each of us uses Linux or other Open Source systems daily, although we are not all aware of that fact. We might have used it when making an internet money transfer or buying an insurance policy online, or maybe making a phone call to somebody's mobile device without knowing that telecomunication sector has been using „Linux” for a really long time. Perhaps even our phone has it installed?


Open Source products have won their trust because of combination of quality, security and competitive price.


In order to meet your expectations we do not limit the topics covered during the conference only to Red Hat and JBoss products but we expand it with other open Source based products.


Join us and be up to date!